HR Consulting

Consulting is a professional practice that provides expert advice; CL HR Consultancy are subject matter experts in HR. We can consult & support you in all of the following areas to enable you to be legally compliant and to maximise your business success through satisfied and engaged employees. Contracts of Employment All employees are legally […]


HR Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring are proven effective techniques to assist motivated individuals in making changes to further their professional development. We specialise in one-on-one confidential, HR coaching and mentoring services, developing an employee into a HR professional which benefits the Company and the employee. Would it be helpful to be coached through a complex employee issue? Would […]

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Mediation & Conflict Resolution

It’s common for conflict to occur in the workplace, however it is important that the conflict is acknowledged and carefully managed so that the issue doesn’t escalate and become disruptive.  Conflict can severely impede a Company’s ability to run efficiently and can damage employee well-being. Conflict can increase employee turnover, absenteeism levels, affect morale, as well […]


Talent Management

4.        Talent Management Talent Management is defined as “the strategic approach for attracting, identifying, developing, engaging, retaining and deploying individuals who are considered particularly valuable to an organisation” (CIPD). This covers a wide range of activities and at CL HR Consultancy, we offer the following services to support your talent management activities: Organisational Design & Strategy […]

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How can HR help grow your business?

Your people are your greatest resource. The most successful businesses regard their employees as being central to their business success. These businesses look after their employees, treat them fairly and develop a positive working relationship. In return, employees become fully invested and focused on achieving the business goals. It sounds easy but of course this […]

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Wellness in the Workplace

An integrated approach to health and wellbeing in the workplace can increase employee engagement and help create a positive working environment, contributing to the overall success of your business. Wellness programmes in the workplace have proved to: Increase Retention Increase Productivity Increase Positive Presenteeism Increase Employee Engagement & Happiness Improve Employer Brand It is paramount […]