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CL HR Consultancy is a highly experienced HR business, dedicated to providing support and advice to business owners and managers to meet all relevant HR requirements and legislation.

Claire Lehane, HR professional and a qualified workplace mediator is the founder of CL HR Consultancy. Having worked in Human Resource at varying levels for 10 years, Claire then set up her own consultancy in 2018. Claire and her team provide a professional, confidential and personal service.

If your business or company is looking for support or advice, we’d love to hear from you.


How you might work with us ...

Having a full-time HR department may not be financially feasible or practical for many businesses, therefore we can effectively manage all HR responsibilities independently and advise on the evolving HR legislation.

Operating as a standalone HR professional can be challenging and feel isolating. CL HR consultancy offer mentoring and coaching. As a client of CL HR Consultancy, we offer  support and advice, whether you’re drafting new HR policies and procedures for your business or seeking advice on a complex employee issue or developing HR initiatives and programmes.

Do you have a wish list of HR projects but can’t find the time to implement? Are you looking for expert advice or independent support outside of your existing HR team? CL HR Consultancy can create additional HR capacity for you, supporting you with HR projects, stepping in objectively to oversee disciplinary or complex cases or act as a Mediator to manage disputes and conflict; all the while as your team works on the day-to day HR operations.

Our Services

CL HR Consultancy offers a complete HR service to companies and businesses. Select any of our services below to learn more.

HR Consultancy

We consult and advise businesses  to be legally compliant and to maximise business success through satisfied and engaged employees.

HR Coaching

We specialise in one-on-one confidential, HR coaching and mentoring services, developing and supporting HR employees to develop in their profession and to perform effectively in their role.

Talent Management

Recruiting and retraining staff has become increasingly challenging for many businesses. We work with companies in attracting, identifying, developing, engaging, retaining and deploying employees as part of the overall Talent Management Strategy.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Conflict can severely impede a company’s ability to run efficiently and can damage employee well-being. CL HR Consultancy offers workplace Mediation services, working with teams to manage and resolve conflict as effectively as possible to avoid disruption to the business.

Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness programmes in the workplace have proved to increase retention, productivity, positive presenteeism, employee engagement and improve employer brand. CL HR Consultancy can support you to achieve a positive & healthy work environment by identifying and designing programmes that transform the health and wellbeing of employees, creating thriving, engaged and connected workplaces.

Personal Service

Business Focused

Expert Advice


Why work with us?




clhrc testimonials
“Kerry Airport is proud of its partnership with CL HR Consultancy, led by Claire Lehane. I would highly recommend Claire to support any employee- aware business that values being on top of the human resource arena, considers their employees their greatest asset and is looking for a highly experienced and competent Consultant with a caring, well informed, legally astute and people centred approach”.
John Mulhern
Chief Executive Officer Kerry Airport PLC
clhrc testimonials
“We are a small company, and everything is always so busy that HR for a long time ended up at the bottom of the pile. When we did eventually bring Claire on board to consult, the impact was unexpected and truly transforming in how the business is now run and the team works together. Her expertise combined with a can-do attitude gives us the comfort we need to run a fast pacedbusiness and deal with challenging situations when they arise”.
Sabine Lenz
Owner & Designer Enibas
clhrc testimonials
“ CL HR Consultancy provides straightforward, practical and effective HR advise to our company. Claire is a pleasure to work with and tailors advice to suit our company’s needs. I would personally recommend CL HR Consultancy to anyone who needs HR advise. It is a valuable safety net for any business to have. Thank you Claire, for providing such an excellent service”.
Martina McCarthy
Business Manager 360Medical