Mediation & Conflict Resolution

It’s common for conflict to occur in the workplace, however it is important that the conflict is acknowledged and carefully managed so that the issue doesn’t escalate and become disruptive.

Conflict can severely impede a Company’s ability to run efficiently and can damage employee well-being. Conflict can increase employee turnover, absenteeism levels, affect morale, as well as having a negative effect on productivity levels.
If the conflict cannot be resolved internally, mediation is an option which has been proven to be highly effective and successful.

Mediation is a process in which an independent Mediator assists two or more disputing parties in resolving the dispute in a collaborative manner. Mediation can create a more harmonious working environment & avoids any external associated legal costs if a conflict cannot be resolved.

Mediation helps the parties understand the reasons behind the conflict and agrees on ways of future interaction and behaviour.

The most important principles of mediation are:

CL HR Consultancy is a qualified Mediator and a member of the Mediation Institute of Ireland and can assist you in managing and resolving conflict through a mediation process to ensure workable solutions are achieved.

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