Can You Answer these Top 10 HR Queries?

At CL HR Consultancy, we get asked a lot of HR questions varying from employment law to employee relation issues, to HR best practice. As an employer, it’s important to answer these questions with care and to follow the correct procedures to avoid any potential legal issues or internal morale and productivity issues.

We’ve put together some example HR questions including some recent COVID related questions, we get asked regularly.

Can you answer them………

  1. Does annual leave accrue during a period of lay-off?
  2. What should an employer do if an employee is concerned about the risk of contracting coronavirus and does not want to attend work?
  3. Can an employer require employees to use their annual leave during the coronavirus outbreak?
  4. We have an employee who is pregnant- what procedures do we need to follow and what leave is she entitled to?
  5. We have received a request from an employee to reduce their weekly hours – how do we deal with this?
  6. Who is entitled to paternity leave and do we need to pay them?
  7. We have an underperforming employee- Can we just give them a warning?
  8. We have received a letter from an employee, complaining about their colleague. How do we deal with this?
  9. A downturn in our business means that we don’t have work for some employees. What is the process to deal with this?
  10. We want to change our employment contracts and some of the benefits we offer. Do we just write to employees advising them of the change?
  11. We would like to offer someone a job, do we need to put a written contract in place?
  12. We have someone on a fixed term contract who has been with us for 9 months. Can we extend the fixed term contract for another year?

If you don’t have all the answers and need support on any of these matters, take action now and call a HR or Employment law specialist.

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