Talent Management

Talent Management is defined as “the strategic approach for attracting, identifying, developing, engaging, retaining and deploying individuals who are considered particularly valuable to an organisation” (CIPD). This covers a wide range of activities and at CL HR Consultancy, we offer the following services to support your talent management activities:

  • Organisational Design & Strategy – CL HR Consultancy can work with you to develop a robust Talent Management strategy for your business identifying the skills, experience and behavioural drivers required for future business success.
  • Recruitment – Finding the right person for the job is key to driving business success. We will work with you to ensure you hire the right person externally or carry out a fair internal hiring process, from designing the job description, to participating in the interview process and to selecting the right candidate.
  • Induction and Onboarding – CL HR Consultancy can assist with improving or developing your induction and onboarding processes to improve employee engagement, productivity, retention and employer brand.
  • Induction is the process of introducing the new hire to the role and the Company. The employee will get introduced to their team members, any legal and compliance requirements and will increase their knowledge on the normal working practices and culture within the Company.  The aim is that the new starter will have a smooth integration into the business rather than being ‘thrown in at the deep end’ without understanding how to do their job or how their role fits in with the rest of the business.
  • Onboarding is the process of placing new hires on an effective programme that provides a structure and framework to enable the employee to succeed. On-boarding is a longer term process which will assist in building relationships, ensuring expectations on both sides are met, developing the employee’s knowledge of the culture and strengthening their commitment through role clarity and self-efficacy.
  • Employee Development & Engagement- CL HR Consultancy can help you with designing and implementing employee development & engagement programmes.
  • Employee development is a process of working with employees to improve, enhance, refine, and develop their skills in support of the Company’s goals. Development programmes attract and retain employees & increase productivity and job satisfaction.  
  • Employee engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all employees to achieve their best each day, committed to the Company’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to the organisations success.
  • Success Planning – Succession Planning is the process of identifying and acquiring the skills needed by a Company to ensure it’s future success.  This involves identifying gaps and developing both internal and external talent. We can help you to future proof your business and HR operating model.