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Take our free HR Healthcheck to find out if your business is legally compliant & working to best practice.It is important to note that our HR Healthcheck asks questions on the essential basics as per Irish employment legislation and keys areas relating to best practice. It is not practical to cover all aspects of the law or best practice but hopefully you will gain a better understanding of your HR obligations and priorities following completion of the Healthcheck.   CL HR Consultancy is here to support you if you need any further assistance in achieving a legally compliant & productive workplace.Please enter your details to begin. Please select yes or no for each question. Upon completion, the answers will be sent to your email. Good luck 😊

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Free HR Healthcheck

This questionnaire is designed to ask questions concerning the key areas where there are legal obligations or it is best practice. It is not practical to cover all aspects of the law and best practice but hopefully by the time this exercise is completed you will have a good idea as to whether you are getting the basics right.  Enter details to begin. Results will be emailed to you.

Do you issue a Statement of Terms including details of the five core terms of employment to your new hires within the first five days of commencement of employment?

Have you issued a contract of employment to all of your employees, including part-time, temporary or fixed term staff, outlining their terms and conditions of employment?

Do you have an Employee Handbook? 

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